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Spring Cleaning (In case you’ve been putting it off)

Posted by kim carpenter on April 28, 2016
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Spring’s been here for a while, but if you’ve put off your seasonal cleaning – now’s the time to get to it! Every year it’s traditional to get rid of unneeded clothes and items in your house, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here are 4 fun ways to refresh your surroundings and not fall asleep while doing so.

1.       Turn up the Music! Everything is better with music and you probably already listen to music while cleaning.  But play it loud and have it echo through your house and you’ll be able to notice the change in your energy level. It’s the same feeling you get during a big game or a concert; combined with your task on hand, your house will be spotless by the end of the day.

2.       Grab a friend. We all know that cleaning is such a tedious task, so it’s unlikely that your friends will be up for it.  Call them over for some coffee and hangout time, and once they get to your house, maybe ask for a little help with the laundry or reorganizing your closet.  But don’t overload them with a huge list of things or you’ll lose a friend. And make the work fun for both of you by adding in a game of trashball (basketball, trash-can styled) or a mini competition of who can fold clothes the fastest.

3.       Have something fun planned afterwards. Sometimes, it’s okay to not enjoy every task you’re given.  That’s why it’s important to make some room for fun in between.  Plan a hangout with some friends, go to a movie, have dinner with your loved ones etc. etc. This will give you incentive to finish and then have the rest of the day stress-free and work-free! But make sure you tell yourself that you have to finish before you’re allowed to party away.

4.       One step at a time. It’s impossible to do everything at once.  Give yourself space, and do each thing step by step.  Whether it’s laundry first, then the kitchen, and then the basement, having a plan of what you are going to do in order helps to relieve the stress and make the work seem less.  Make a list, and follow it completely.  There’s nothing more satisfying than a fully checked off list. Now get to work!

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