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How to Optimize a Small Space

Posted by kim carpenter on November 6, 2014
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If you’re living in a small (but undoubtedly sweet) space, or if you have a particularly small room in your home, its important to arrange and decorate in a way that makes the space seem larger than it really is. Below are a few tips for optimizing your less-than-enormous spaces.


One great way to make a room feel larger is to use mirrors as decoration – they act like windows to bring depth to a room. Finding new ways to store your items is key – try storing clothes or items under your bed or on tall vertical floating shelves. Hanging high curtains make a room feel taller and when you add a warm, simple color palette, you can be sure that your small bedroom will feel just big enough. For more tips on decorating a small bedroom, click here.


Small kitchens can be tricky – especially for people who love to entertain! Try using open shelving to create space for your storage. To save space, try a kitchen table with a drop leaf – open it up when you have guests over and drop the leaves when it’s just your family. If you need extra counter space, try buying a movable kitchen island – it’ll provide extra storage and handy place to chop, serve or stir when needed! For more tips on arranging a small kitchen, check out this article.

Living Room

One of the best ways to effectively decorate a small living room is to find furniture that can serve multiple purposes – ottoman that can also be a coffee table or extra seating, or an end table that can double as storage. Also be sure to size your furniture to the size of your room – so if you have a small room, don’t add a large, oversized recliner. Try small accent chairs instead. For more tips on decorating a small living room, read this article.

Do you have a small space? How do you decorate to optimize yours?

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