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Fall Decorating Ideas

Posted by kim carpenter on November 2, 2014
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Fall Leaves

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but I think fall is the most beautiful time of the year. With all the falling leaves covering yards and streets, it seems like we’re constantly covered in a glow of gold, orange and red.

Yes, fall brings raking and lots of yard work, but there’s more we can do with the leaves than jump in them or put them in trash bags. Below is a list of ideas for using the leaves you find covering your yard this time of year.

Wall Art

There are so many ways to use the beautiful fall colors on the leaves as art to put on your walls. Try spray painting leaves and then adhering them to some butcher paper for a modern piece of art. You can also use spray adhesive to mount many small leaves into the shape of a large leaf for a statement piece this fall.


Piles of leaves can be a treasure for your garden. There are many ways to use leaves to enhance the soil for next year – composting (be sure you shred them first), using them as a mulch for your shrubs or container garden or making leaf mold as a natural amendment for your garden next sprint. Read more about how to use your leaves in your garden here.


Leaves can make wonderful detailed decorations – from place cards to garland, adding a touch of fall color can make your home and your party feel warm and inviting. Try painting leaves with a touch of gold or accent colors for a new and different look to the traditional fall décor. Read more about ways to use fall leaves as party or home décor here.

How will you use your leftover leaves this year?

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