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2007 Marion County Reconciliation Bills

Posted by kim carpenter on June 11, 2008
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The Marion County treasurer began mailing out the final 2007 tax bills Tuesday.

Treasurer Michael Rodman wants to make sure homeowners realize this is not the spring installment for 2008. Marion County residents will be receiving the final bill for last year after the governor ordered reassessments.

“The governor said pay what you paid last year, I’m going to have the township assessors re-look at their figures, and then we’ll come up with a new amount. Well, the new amount – less what they paid last year, if there’s a balance, that’s what they’ll see in their bill,” said Rodman.

The treasurer says township assessors are still working on spring bills for 2008.

The Marion County auditor is scheduled to send out rebate checks before July 10th. That’s also when the reconciliation payments are due.

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