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Zip Across Zillow! All About the Real Estate Database

Posted by kim carpenter on August 30, 2013
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A big name in online real estate just got a little bigger. Followers of real estate or financial news may have seen the articles published last week about Zillow and their $50 million acquisition of New York City startup company, StreetEasy. So what exactly is Zillow? And how can you, as a potential buyer or seller take advantage of its features?

Zillow is an online real estate database that lists data on over 100 million homes in the US, which includes both homes that are up for sale and ones that are off the market. It’s the brainchild of two former Microsoft executives, who wanted to create an easy-access spot for buyers and sellers to connect and share information about listings, estimates, home improvement projects and more.

Buyers, sellers and real estate agents all across the country have started listing homes on Zillow. Myself included! My Zillow page is located here: You can browse through my reviews, advice and current listings all in one spot.

And now with this recent acquisition, Zillow is likely going to start listing apartments, condos and rental information on their site as well. StreetEasy had a sizeable following in the New York market, which could now expand thanks to Zillow’s national reach. Browse the site and discover all of the helpful tools and connections that Zillow offers homebuyers and sellers.

Read what Forbes has to say on the Zillow acquisition here: Or go to to start browsing the site.

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