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Your Loan Officer Explains the Homebuying Process

Posted by kim carpenter on November 2, 2018
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Your Loan Officer Explains the Homebuying Process

Want to buy a home, but don’t know how the process even works? Leave it to the professionals to explain it to you rather than simply relying on friends who have done it in the past. Our friend Michael Armstrong from Fairway Independent Mortgage makes a guest spot on our blog to explain the homebuying process from the loan officer’s perspective. Check it out below!

Buying a home can be intimidating and require lots of tasks throughout the process.  Don’t let that steer you away from buying a home because it is such a rewarding feeling when you get the keys to a home and piece of land that you own yourself.  Don’t like yard work but tired of living in an apartment?  How about buying a condo or townhome that is maintenance free instead of a house?  To break down the home buying process, here is a simplified chart on the steps you can expect to happen during the home buying process when obtaining a mortgage to help you buy a home.  Rely on your realtor and mortgage professionals to answer your detailed questions when going through the process. 

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