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Posted by kim carpenter on September 14, 2008
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I came across this article and reflected on my own life a little.  My husband and I are at a place in our lives that we would like to “downsize” a bit ourselves, not to this extreme but simply have less to take care of.  We have one child in college and another that will be going in a couple of years, why do we need this big house.

If you are feeling the same way, give me a call, now is a great time to buy!!  You can reach me at 317-558-6871.

Loving their little loft

Chatham Arch couple happily call Real Silk’s smallest condominium home

Bruce and Mary Tryon live in the smallest unit inside the Real Silk Condominiums — less than 700 square feet in size, with only two rooms, if you don’t count the little nook they call a kitchen.

But that’s all right. They previously lived in a 19th-century log cabin.

The Tryons have lived in Real Silk — one of the very first factory loft conversions in the city — since 1998.

“The Realtor didn’t show us this unit at first,” said Bruce Tryon, 58, a retired civil engineer. “She showed us some other units and said there was one more, but that we probably wouldn’t like it because it was pretty small. But we liked it as soon as we saw it. We especially liked the view.”


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