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Summer Home Improvement Tips

Posted by kim carpenter on June 25, 2016
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In the summer, we can have a lot more time for fun, merriment, and relaxation, but it can also be the perfect time to make some important home improvements.  The warm, sunny season shifts our attention outdoors and gets us more active, so why not use that blast of energy to bring your home into tip-top shape?

1. Get your air conditioner serviced: Summer is the best time to do this, not only to prevent mishaps when you truly need cooling or heating, but getting your AC serviced will make it run at its peak efficiency, helping reduce your energy bill.

2. Paint a room: We all have that room in the house that we absolutely hate the coloring of, so why not spruce it up? Take advantage of your kids being home during the season and tackle that project as a family, DIY-style.  

3. Check your yard: Walk around the area and check to see if you have any low areas that need to be filled with compacted soil. Be sure to do so, because a bad thunderstorm can lead to flooding and yard damage.

4. Install Storm doors: Summer can be as stormy as it is sunny, and it may benefit your home to have these sturdier structures protecting your main front door. Not only that, but storm doors will allow great natural light into the home.

5. Invest in Curtains: This is can be an easy way to help keep your house cool and energy bill low, plus a nice set of curtains can do wonders for sprucing up a room.

6. Check your gutters: What you want to do is grab a pair of gloves, pull up a ladder, and get up on the roof. If you find any damage, be sure to get it fixed to prevent your home from developing water damage.  

7. Check your Chimney: While you’re up on the roof, check to see if your chimney has any signs of damage. Contact a professional to come service your chimney.  

8. Clear your firewood: Winter’s gone, but if you still have firewood laying around, you should probably clear it away. It will help keep your living home looking nicer and cleaner. Be sure to wear protective gloves when handling the wood.   


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