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Spring Cleaning… a day at a time

Posted by kim carpenter on April 26, 2015
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Oh, Spring time! The frost melts away, daffodils and tulips begin to bloom and you get to open up the windows for the first time in months. As you come out of your winter hibernation you may feel like the projects suddenly start piling up. If you can dedicate just one hour a day to spring cleaning, you can get your house in shape in one week using this helpful guide.

In order to avoid the cleaning solution drying and streaking, plan to clean your windows when the sun is not shining directly on them. Start with the dirtiest window and work your way around the house. Don’t forget the track and sills.  Next, conquer the blinds. There are many different types of tools available for this project,If you don’t have a duster handy, you can use a dryer sheet. This is a project you can even get the kids to help with! While you have that duster or dryer sheet out, you can go ahead and tackle the ceiling fans.
Day Two: JUNK
Everyone has a junk drawer in their kitchen, right? If you do, this is a great place to start. Toss any junk that you haven’t used in many months; throw out expired coupons, old batteries, etc. You can pick up plastic organizer trays at the dollar store to help keep the drawers tidy through the year. Next, if there are little ones in your home sit down and go through the toys. You can organize puzzles and game pieces into ziploc bags and find unused toys to donate. You can also take care of that cluttered countertop spot or dining room table.  Finally, clean out your medicine cabinets by getting rid of expired prescriptions and OTC medications. Find out how to safely dispose of those items

One of my least favorite chores is wiping down the baseboards. Go room by room and dust and wipe down the baseboards. Take a small bucket of soap and water and a dish rag to wipe down any spots on the walls in each room while you’re there. If you have a stubborn spot, a magic eraser can work miracles!


Do this project on the day before getting groceries if possible, to simplify it. First start by going through the fridge and checking for expired items. Once you’ve gotten rid of anything that’s gone bad, take everything out and wipe the shelves down with a warm soapy rag. Don’t forget to get into those door seals.

Take the bedding off of each bed, slip covers off of the sofa and pillows, and curtains off the rod and wash them. Not only will this take care of any stains they may have gotten, you will really enjoy the fresh smell in each room afterwards.

Take your normal bathroom cleaning routine to the next level. Wash out the trash can, dust the corners and light fixtures, wipe out the inside of the medicine cabinet and linen closet, and dust the fans and vents.

Use the last day to take care of any little projects you’ve been putting off while waiting for warmer weather. You may have noticed a few items in need of some TLC as you were cleaning. Take this day to knock those off your  to-do list. Get some WD40 on that squeaky door, tighten up hand rails and cabinet doors, replace light bulbs in fixtures that have a bulb out, replace the furnace filter, etc. Be proactive and go ahead and change out the batteries in the smoke detectors while you’re at it!

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