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Snow job

Posted by kim carpenter on December 11, 2008
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The right stuff to get rid of the white stuff

By Zach Dunkin Indy Star

When it comes to getting rid of snow and ice, it’s all about the timing and the tools. You gotta know when to do it and you gotta have the right stuff to do it with. Here’s some help:

The timing

Although that big snowfall may happen in the middle of the night or while you’re at work, Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware’s real-life Helpful Hardware Man, says “grab a shovel and get outside as soon as you can.”

He offers these tips:

As soon as snow and freezing rain begin to fall, spread a melting agent on the driveway and walkways to help slow the freezing process.

Don’t wait for the sun to melt snow. A sudden drop in temperature can solidify snowfall quickly.

Clear more than just a single-shovel path on the walkways. That will make walking safer.

If you are unable to remove a patch of ice, crack it with an ice chisel or heavy-duty scraping tool to expose the surface to the air. This will accelerate the melting process.


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