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Selling your home in the summer

Posted by kim carpenter on July 24, 2013
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Although some schools around Indianapolis are getting ready to start, we are still firmly in the summer months of the real estate market. Seasoned sellers know that selling a home during the summer isn’t always easy. In fact, it can sometimes be downright challenging. Potential buyers are often busy with vacations, school breaks and other activities that may limit the amount of time they have to look for a new home in the summer. But there are a few things that you as the seller can do to help attract summertime buyers to your listing. Here are my tips for selling a home during the summer months.

Create Curb Appeal

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, curb appeal is the overall attractiveness of the exterior of a home. It’s used to draw more people to look inside the home, potentially resulting in a more profitable sale. If you are selling your home in the summer, do some extra landscaping, plant flowers, paint and keep the sidewalk swept. All of these little touches will increase curb appeal and make your home seem welcoming. Also, be sure to keep your lawn neat and tidy throughout the summer. You may even have to mow twice a week to keep up with that speedy growing grass.

Be Aware of Daylight Savings Time

Since it stays light outside for so much longer, buyers might choose to tour homes after dinner or later in the day. You may have to be more flexible in the evening hours and be willing to show your home at later times in the evening.

Air Temperature

There’s nothing worse on a summer day than touring a hot, stuffy home. Keep the air circulating throughout your home with extra fans, or by turning down the AC.

Supply Summertime Treats

House hunting is not always fun, especially when it’s hot outside. Refresh your guests with lemonade, cookies, fruits, chilled water or other tasty treats.

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