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Real Estate sellers try wacky tactics to sell their homes!

Posted by kim carpenter on December 8, 2008
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I know several sellers that have buried St. Joseph in their front yard and believe that it worked!  I was always told, if you believe, you will receive!!  It is worth a try!!

I would suggest trying these wacky tactics if you truly believe they can help!!  But, I think staging, correct pricing and condition play a bigger part in the sale of your home.

In desperate times, home sellers try wacky measures

From smudging to feng shui, no tactic is too weird to woo finicky buyers

By Mike Celizic contributor

Desperate times call for wacky measures. That is increasingly the case in the nation’s moribund real estate market, where frantic sellers are turning to voodoo dolls, exorcists, Native American cleansing rituals, feng shui and anything else they can think of to make a sale.

“It’s not a science, and you have to be a believer,” NBC real estate consultant Barbara Corcoran told TODAY’s David Gregory Friday in New York. “But if you are a believer and you try it, who the heck knows? Sometimes it works.”

Corcoran and Gregory had just watched a prerecorded report showing a woman with big eyes, a look of wonder and a love of the word “energy” working her magic on a home that was stuck on the stagnant market. She rearranged furniture — it’s about the energy, you understand — and carried a smoldering bowl of magic vegetable matter around the house, all for a mere $125 an hour.


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