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How to prepare your home for winter

Posted by kim carpenter on November 15, 2014
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In Indiana, our winters can be brutal – remember last year? As we start thinking about what this year’s winter could bring, one thing to think about is how we can save energy by winterizing our homes. Even the simplest precautions can save you money! Check out the list below to learn how you can prepare your home for whatever winter may bring.

  1. Use a rolled up bath towel or install weatherstripping to seal doors that leak cold air underneath. This will help your heating bill – and your cold feet!
  2. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. In the winter, you want heated air to circulate through the house. Since warm air rises, reversing the direction of your fan will bring the warm down and through the rest of your house. Usually, fans have a switch to change the direction.
  3. If you have a fireplace, get it cleaned and make sure that the flue can close and lock properly so cold drafts don’t come in through the open chimney.
  4. Use a plastic seal or rope caulk to seal your drafty windows.
  5. Change your furnace filters. This will help your furnace run efficiently and allow heat to circulate easier through the heating system.

For more information and tips for winterizing your home, check out this article from Popular Mechanics, this article from and this article from

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