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Pennies from Heaven!

Posted by kim carpenter on June 25, 2013
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When I meet a client, I try to learn about the family and their upbringing.  You never know what connection you might make with them.  I recently had a buyer, who happened to be the father of a past client, who I was assisting in the purchase of a home to be closer to their daughter.  Little did we know that he family and mine were from the same small town in Southern Illinois.  I am currently working with a couple contacted me after reading my profile and discovering that he was also in a small town close to where I was born.

I just closed a home for a first time buyer who is relocating to the Indy area for a new job.  She found my website and felt a connection to me.  Her parents came with her to look at homes and as we were viewing homes, her mother bent down and picked up  something from the ground outside one of the homes, I did not know what it was until we stopped to have lunch and discuss the homes we had viewed.  She proceeded to tell me that she had picked up a penny and that they believe that pennies are someone in heaven’s way of letting you know they approve and are with you in your decision and that the buyer’s grandfather was with us looking at homes.

She purchased a home that weekend and I did some research on “Pennies from Heaven”.  I found this poem and it brought tears to my eyes, I think all of us have someone that this reminds us of.

It dropped right out of Heaven
And landed on the ground,
That’s what I believe has happened
To this little coin I’ve found.
Found pennies come from Heaven
That’s what I have been told,
From Angels watching over us
Atop their clouds of Gold.
Sometimes it’s just to cheer us
Or brighten up our day
Or maybe just an Angel hug
To help along our way.
So don’t walk by a penny
When you’re feeling down and blue,
The words “In God We Trust”
May be “Heaven-Cent” for you!

I took this poem, typed it up and printed it on a special picture I found.  I called my buyer’s mother to ask if she had kept the penny she found but did not reach her.  That evening I went to purchase mating and a frame for the poem and as I was entering the store I found a shiny penny!  I think it was put there for me!  I came home and put the picture/poem together and I glued the “found” penny on the poem.  Pennies from Heaven

I delivered the picture/poem to my clients new home the next day and not a dry eye was in the home.  They then went into the other room and brought out a wooden heart that had 2 pennies and a plastic heart glued to it.  Little did I know but my buyer’s mother had kept the penny along with another penny and a plastic heart found in their rental car from their trip to Indy.

I truly believe in “Creating Friendships, one home at a time!  Brought together by real estate, held together by friendship!

The buyer was not here for the closing but signed her documents remotely in the town she was relocating from.  He came to my office and picked up the key and I told her I would stop by the next day to check and see how the move had gone.

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