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New Wiring Instruction Policy

Posted by kim carpenter on September 26, 2017
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New Wiring Instruction Policy

from Kim Carpenter & The We Sell Indy Team

As some of you probably saw on my Facebook post, this last week I had my email spoofed.  What does this mean?  This means that hackers are watching title company’s emails and grabbing agent’s emails, copying our information, sometimes changing one letter or digit in our emails and then sending our clients an email “from us” with bogus wiring instructions.  They sent bogus emails to both of my clients that were closing at that title company that week.  This is not an isolated incident, this is happening everywhere and some buyers have not been told by their agents what to look out for and have wired their money to a bogus account, never to be recovered.

Scary you say, no this is terrifying and could potentially ruin someone financially.  I am not sharing this with you to scare you, but to warn you to be very diligent in making sure that you have the correct wiring instructions for the title company before you wire your life savings. 

Luckily in our case, I had already had the discussion with my clients that I will NEVER email wiring instructions to them so they knew to ignore the email.

In light of this problem, the We Sell Indy Team from now on will be adopting the following policy regarding wiring instructions:

  • The We Sell Indy Team will NOT email any wiring instructions nor will be provide them to our buyers in hard copy format.  We will request that the title company MAIL the hard copy instructions to our buyer’s home address or we will provide our buyers with the address of the title company so that they can pick up a hard copy yourself.

We apologize for this extra step, but are only looking out for the best for our clients.

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