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Marion County Tax Bills Are Out!!

Posted by kim carpenter on December 2, 2008
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If you live in Marion County, your first tax bill for 2008 has just arrived!!  This is just a provisional bill based on what you paid in 2007.  You will receive another catch up bill in early 2009.

I too live in Marion County and am frustrated with the process also.  Not only are the bills due in 15days but we will only have tax deductions for this payment plus the catch up payment we paid earlier this year.

The assessments do not show up on this bill because it is just a provisional bill and if you appealed your assessment, those are not reflected either.

This makes it very difficult for those buying or selling their homes because pro-ration of taxes is based on the last known tax bill (the one we just received) and if the catch up bill is more then the buyer loses but if the catch up is less then the seller loses.  There is no good solution!!  We just have to do our best to represent our clients.

Hang in there, this will be resolved sooner or later!!

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