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Let's stop the negativity, stay positive and believe these are "opportunistic" times!

Posted by kim carpenter on October 10, 2008
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You’ve watched the news, this is what they want you to believe:

1.       Banks have no money to lend, so you can’t purchase a home or car.

2.       Your credit limit will be reduced on your credit cards and home equity line of credit.

3.       If you go out today and purchase something, you’re jeopardizing your future.

4.       If you take your money out of the bank and bury it in the back yard, you’re financially savvy.

5.       Credit of any kind is not available.

6.       The stock market is doomed.

7.       There is no mortgage business out there, so stay at home and watch Oprah.

8.       Elvis was spotted Thursday at the Burger King located on East 82nd Street ordering a Double Whopper.

Let’s be realistic:

1.       Union Savings Bank has money to lend.

2.       We have not reduced customer’s limits on equity lines of credit. Has your bank reduced your credit card limit? Probably not.

3.       Getting out and making normal everyday purchases will help the economy, freezing your spending habits will keep the economy down.

4.       A bank is one of the safest places to keep your money. Many people within the media are giving out false information as to just how much the FDIC insures.

5.       Union can close all of the qualified loans you bring in the door. Bring them on.

6.       A majority of the financial advisers that I’ve spoken to over the last few days say there are unprecedented opportunities in the stock market.

7.       Realtors, builders and consumers are starving for information about the state of our industry. Almost every door that was closed to you in the past will now be open. The new contact and referral sources you’ll forge today will have a significant impact on your future earnings. This is a once in a decade opportunity, don’t let Oprah take it away.

8.       Elvis ordered a Chicken Club Sandwich.

OK, I made the Elvis thing up.

Don’t buy into the media panic attack, be positive and tell everyone you meet that these are opportunistic times. 

We are very fortunate to be in Indianapolis and lets make the best of it!

Have a fabulous and prosperous Friday!

Gary Walker

Union Savings Bank

V-P of Sales

317.815.1044 direct line

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