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Posted by kim carpenter on October 17, 2014
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It’s always important to ensure your home is secured. As we start thinking about the holidays, we all start to worry a little bit more as our houses are all full of new, expensive gifts. This is a great time to start considering the ways you can be sure your home and loved ones will remain safe and secure.

  • Home security system: A home security system is one of the best visible ways to deter burglars. Displaying the alarm company’s signage in your front yard or on your windows is a good way to signal to burglars that your home is protected with a security system – and many times the signage alone will deter a burglar from attempting to break in to your home.
  • Protecting vulnerable areas: It’s important to ensure you have the highest grade locks available, like a deadbolt or knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch mechanism for all the different doors in your home – especially garage doors and sliding glass doors, as these can be the easiest areas of entry. Also be sure to keep your windows closed when you’re not home, as windows are more easily opened than doors, especially ground floor windows.
  • Lighting: An obvious way to communicate that you’re home is to ensure you have proper lighting both inside and outside your house. Use light timers on different lamps or light fixtures when you’re not home so that your house doesn’t remain dark all night long. It’s also a good idea to put your exterior lights on a routine timer so that they come on every night. Make sure you have lights around the perimeter of your house, on your garage and your porch.
  • Neighbors: One of the best ways to feel safe at home is to get to know your neighbors. Not only will you establish trust and good relationships with the people around you, you and your neighbors can look out for each other – report suspicious activity and watch each other’s houses while on vacation.

What are some of the ways you ensure your home is safe and secured?


To learn more about securing your home, visit the Crime Doctor’s website here.


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