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Hamilton Southeastern Schools Approves redistricting!

Posted by kim carpenter on February 10, 2009
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Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Hamilton County – The Hamilton Southeastern school board approved another redistricting plan Monday.

The shuffle affects about 25 percent of fifth to eighth grade students from intermediary and middle schools. Elementary and high schools are not affected. The total number of students involved in the redistricting are about 1,400 and the high school boundaries will not change.

For schoolchildren and parents, changing schools has become a yearly occurrence. This time, parents didn’t seem to mind.

“We’re very happy and pleased. Friday, we were surprised when they changed the map, but we were very happy that they listened to the things that we presented at the public forum on Wednesday,” parent Rhonda Figgero said.

The board said the new district lines will keep students closer to home, which they say will preserve neighborhoods.

But not everyone agrees with the final map. The constant moving from school to school has worn patience thin.

“I’m here to propose for the community that we go back and take another look at plan A,” said parent Andi Clark.

The school board said in the long run, the new boundaries will save money. But in the short term, parents say the emotional cost to their children doesn’t justify the savings.

“After we’ve talked with the developers, the Town of Fishers, the City of Noblesville, growth has slowed drastically,” said school board president Karen Harmer.

See a larger image of this map.

Hamilton Southeastern School District

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