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Halloween 2011, are you ready?

Posted by kim carpenter on October 14, 2011
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Halloween can be a fun time for young and old alike but there are ways to make it safe for all.  Looking for “Trick or Treat” times, safe alternatives to traditional trick or treating or do you love the trill of the frightening haunted houses?  Whatever you choose, there is something for everyone!

Looking for a safe trick or treating experience?  Join us at Century 21 Scheetz for our Client Appreciation Spooktacular!








Local Trick or Treat times:

Anderson 5:30-8pm Monday, October 31

Avon 6-9pm, Monday, October 31

Beech Grove 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Bloomington 5:30-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Brownsburg 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Carmel 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Cicero 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Columbus 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Crawfordsville 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Cumberland 5-9pm Monday, October 31

Danville 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Decatur 5:30-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Delphi 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Fishers 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Franklin 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Greencastle 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Greenfield 5:30-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Greenwood 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Indianapolis 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Kokomo 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Lapel 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Lawrence 5:30-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Lebanon 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Martinsville 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

McCordsville 5:30-8:30pm Monday, October 31

Monrovia 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Mooresville 6:30-8pm Monday, October 31

Muncie 5-8pm Monday, October 31

New Castle 5-8pm Monday, October 31

New Palestine 6-8:30pm Monday, October 31

New Whiteland 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Nobelsville 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Pittsburo 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Plainfield 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Shelbyville 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Sherdan 6-9pm Monday, October 31

Westfield 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Whitestown 6-8pm Monday, October 31

Zionsville 5-8pm Monday, October 31

Haunted Houses and Places in Indiana

Haunted Bridge of Avon, Indiana, outside of Indianapolis Avon Haunted Bridge: Cross this spooky bridge at night and you will hear the moans of the mournful ghosts of the people who died there long ago.
Cullbertson Mansion | New Albany Indiana Cullbertson Mansion (Literally, a Haunted House): This dark and lonely mansion harbors the twisted secrets of a deranged doctor from the 18th century–as well as the souls of his doomed patients.
Cry Baby Bridge is a Hoosier Hauntings hot spot near Indianapolis, Indiana Hoosier Hauntings: The picturesque landscape of Indiana can’t mask the sinister tales of murder and chaos that lie beneath the rocky roads and little-traveled bridges.
The Historic Hannah House | Indianapolis Indiana The Historic Hannah House: Once an integral stop on the famed Underground Railroad, this house became the final resting place of the slaves whose lives went up in flames one tragic evening.
Fright Manor | Indianapolis Indiana Fright Manor: A sight to behold on a dark October night, Fright Manor hails itself as the “Scariest Haunt in Indianapolis.” Complete with an insane asylum echoing with the screams of the tortured souls trapped inside, this Indianapolis attraction lives up to its promise.
The Chamber of Carnage is located in Greenwood, Indiana Chamber of Carnage: Twisted hallways and deviant souls await your visit to the Chamber of Carnage. Be mindful of the dead bodies as you weave through the destruction. Take care not to go into the Laboratory–you just might never come out.
100 Step Cemetery located in Brazil, Indiana 100 Step Cemetery: Let the suffering soul of a tormented undertaker reveal your fate at midnight when you visit this centuries-old burial ground. Located in Brazil, Indiana, this graveyard is anything but peaceful.
Children at the Halloween ZooBoo at the Indianapolis Zoo Halloween ZooBoo: The Indianapolis Zoo always provides family fun for all. But each year at Halloween, visitors get an extra-special treat when their favorite furry friends dress up for the occasion. Make sure to take a spin on the Halloween Train, check out the Elephant Pumpkin Smash, and take advantage of the sugary treats along the way.
Mounds State Park woods in Anderson, Indiana Highland High School/Mounds State Park: In Anderson, Indiana, lie two seemingly innocent and wholesome hidden traps of terror. At Highland High School, you can catch a glimpse of the tortured soul of a boy who lost his life during a routine gym class. And Mounds State Park is home to a centries-old tribe of blue-robed dwarfs, seeking revenge for the Native Americans whose land was stolen from them so many years ago.
Devils Hollow forest in Fort Wayne, Indiana Devil’s Hollow: This desolate stretch of land harbors the dark legend of a 1900s family. The mother’s, father’s, and son’s lives were forever altered by the chaos and devastation of World War II. If you approach the deserted area on a moonless night, you can see a lantern burning in the window that pays tribute to the doomed family.
The Indianapolis Children's Museum is located in Indianapolis, Indiana The Children’s Museum Haunted House: At this popular Halloween attraction, your kids of all ages can get their fill of eerie entertainment and Halloween hauntings. There are Friendly Hours and Frightening Hours, so even the littlest guest can enjoy the spooky chills and thrills that await each Halloween season. And don’t miss out on dinner with the witches–it’ll be a fun-filled night to remember.
Governor's Mansion has a haunted past in Indianapolis, Indiana The Governor’s Mansion: This stunning structure was labored over for years to achieve a level of perfection suitable for the governor of the Hoosier state. But the mansion holds a much more ominous title now: it’s known as the first haunted house in Indianapolis. This tale of a dark November evening unlocks the deadly secrets of the ancient mansion.


Headless Horseman at Conner Prarie in Indianapolis, Indiana Conner Prairie’s Headless Horseman: Relieve the legend of Sleepy Hollow as the Headless Horseman rides again through Conner Prairie Interactive History Park. Enjoy a roaring campfire and Halloween goodies, and be on the lookout for spooks and goblins–and the Headless Horseman himself.
The Willard Hotel exterior in Franklin, Indiana The Willard Haunted Hotel: Located in Franklin, just south of Indianapolis, now The Willard Restaurant in Franklin was once a hotel, but first a home rumored to have been haunted since one fateful October day in the early 1900s.
Edna Collins Bridge in Clinton Falls, Indiana Edna Collins Bridge: This covered bridge in Putnam County holds the secrets of a young, lonely female spirit, with two different versions of her life and death circulating each Halloween. The only way to find out which is true is to visit Edna Collins Bridge yourself.
Dark Carnival Film Festival logo in Bloomington, Indiana Dark Carnival: A tribute to the best of Hollywood horror, this indie film fest celebrates the dark side of moviemaking. Come celebrate the bloody spirit of Halloween with guts, gore, and plenty of special effects. Set in Bloomington, Indiana, this festival is a must-visit for any horror film lover.
Thistleberry Farm corn maze in near Indianapolis, Indiana Moooo Boo at Thistleberry Farm: This Halloween, you won’t want to miss this annual celebration of the season complete with hay rides, corn mazes, and plenty of tricks and treats. Costumes are encouraged, so bring your little ghosts and goblins for a down-home good time.
House of Blue Lights photo near Indianapolis, Indiana House of Blue Lights: This story begins with an eccentric millionaire who couldn’t bear to let go of his dead wife–literally. Visit this site in Central Indiana, and you’ll likely see an eerie blue glow eminating from the ground that pays tribute to this tragic tale of lost love.
Spirit of The Praying Nun like the one seen in Monterey, Indiana The Praying Nun: This ghostly apparition drifts among the tombstones of two different cemeteries with a halo top her head and a crying baby in her arms. She can be seen late into the night, praying for the child whose life she saved one dark, cold evening.
Cedar Rock Haunted Trail entry in Jackson County, Indiana Cedar Rock Haunted Trail: A twisted trail that takes you deep into the thick forest of Jackson County and promises a frighteningly fun time for all. Come prepared to be terrified.
Spooky photo of Lafayette, Indiana where the ghost of Baby Alice is said to reside Baby Alice: The tragic spirit of this “lady of the night” is said to haunt the town of Lafayette after her mysterious death. This Halloween, come to the street corner where she lived and died and find out the truth for yourself.
The White Wolf ghost has been seen in Lafayette, Indiana The White Wolf: This powerful tale recounts the life and death of a Native American who never found peace. Head to Lafayette, Indiana to see if he still wanders the grounds where his mortal body lies.
Creepy tree like the one at Lovers Lane in Zionsville, Indiana Lovers Lane: What began as a romantic spot for local teens to park and gaze at the stars transformed into a grisly murder scene one dark night in 1951. The screams of those who lost their lives at Lovers Lane can still be heard today.
Creepy bellhop at the Haunted Hotel 13th Floor in Huntington, Indiana Haunted Hotel 13th Floor: Hungtington, Indiana is home to one of the most horrifying haunted houses you’ll find in the Midwest. This attraction pays tribute to the historic Warwick Hotel and the more than 300 victims whose lives were consumed there by a tragic fire. If you don’t believe in superstition–or if you do–head to The 13th Floor and find out the truth behind the legend.
Justus Cemetery in Oxford, Indiana Justus Cemetery: This burial ground in Oxford has a reputation of being haunted by a restless spirit who resides in the old water tower. But is it really a ghost, or just a long-running youthful prank? Find out for yourself this Halloween.
Trails of Terror skeletons in Markelville, Indiana Trails of Terror: This Halloween, plenty of chills and thrills await your visit to the deadly Trails of Terror in Marklesville, Indiana. The Widowmaker, Camp Blood, and the Coven are only a few of the spine-chilling destinations along this 3o-minute path of destruction. So what are you waiting for? This October, prepare to have the fright of your life at the Trails of Terror.
  • Motorists—please do not exceed 20 MPH in neighborhoods this Halloween, regardless of the posted speed limit.
  • Trick or Treaters—always walk in-groups; parents should accompany young children. Older children should give their parents a predetermined route and return time. Try to finish trick-or-treating before dark—if not, carry a flashlight. Only visit homes that are decorated or that have outside lights on—never enter a strange home or get in the car with a stranger. Always use sidewalks where available—if not, walk facing on-coming traffic.
  • Costumes—make sure your costumes are made of flame-retardant materials and are not so long as to trip you walking up and down steps. Use light colors or carry a glow stick or some type of reflective material. If you choose to wear a mask, make sure that your vision is not obstructed or walk with someone who can watch your step for you.
  • Treats—don’t eat your treats until you get home! Parents check out all treats in a well-lighted area and throw away any treat that has torn or damaged packaging. Fruit and homemade treats should be inspected very carefully, even to the point of cutting them up for a closer look.

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