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Fall Maintenance Tips

Posted by kim carpenter on August 15, 2017
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Fall Maintenance Tips

Often, fall is a time for gathering in the harvest and preparing for festive holidays indoors. No
matter what kind of fall we have, these fall maintenance tips will help your home during the transition from
summer to winter.

Inside the Home

Fall is a good time to complete indoor projects.

• Repair vinyl and wood floors
• Examine and repair indoor staircases
• Test the furnace to make sure it works properly
• Maintain locks, lubricate as necessary
• Repair and replace caulking in floors and baseboards and around windows and doors
• Remove and replace crumbling caulk around bathtub, sink, or toilet, and also make sure there is no moisture under the bathtub or shower stall
• Test for radon gas
• Lubricate squeaking doors
• Evaluate insulation
• Have ventilation ducts cleaned, inspected, and repaired
• Check for mice and rats—put out traps in areas pests might sneak into the home
• Patch and paint holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, watch for indications of water damage
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries if needed
• Repair indoor woodwork
• Check the stove exhaust fan and remove dust and grease build-up
• Install plastic sheets on windows that require extra wind protection
• Add weather stripping around doors

Outside the Home

With shorter days and the approach of winter, take some time to check the exterior of your home.

• Check roof for summer wear and tear
• Clean gutters and downspouts
• Drain the evaporative cooler
• Inspect and service the heating unit
• Repair cracks in siding and shingles
• Repair any damaged masonry
• Insulate water pipes that are exposed to extreme cold
• Cover outdoor water faucets
• Remove screens, clean them, and store away for the winter
• Seal any concrete walkways
• Check exterior ventilation flaps, making sure they are intact and functional

In the Garage

During the fall, take time to prepare your garage for the upcoming winter.

• Protect and cover lawn equipment and garden tools
• Drain lawnmower of gasoline and oil
• Check for leaks in the doors and repair
• Examine and repair the weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door

In the Backyard

The freezing and thawing of the impending winter can cause damage to outdoor furniture and your swimming pool.

• Cover and protect your patio furniture
• Drain the pool
• Trim tree limbs that could break under the weight of snow and ice

In the Garden

With the arrival of fall, you can begin your early garden work.

• Fill birdfeeders in time for migrating species, and keep them filled throughout the winter for resident species
• Add a protective layer of mulch to your perennials, shrubs, and trees
• Clean flower beds of spent summer blossoms and plants
• Turn the compost
• Remove the garden hose and place inside for the winter

For more information or for any of your inspection needs, give our friends at Pillar to Post Home Inspection a call today.

Fall Maintenance Tips

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