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Fall home maintenance tips

Posted by kim carpenter on September 29, 2011
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Whether we like it or not, Fall is here and it is time to make sure that our homes are in the condition to stand up to the weather and save energy also!

Below are some tips compliments of Home Warranty of America

Home Maintenance

  • Examine Your Roof & Gutters. It is best to inspect and clean the gutters a few times during the fall, especially if there are many leafy trees surrounding your home. Clear away leaves, dirt, and pine needles from your gutters. Read more
  • Drain Your Hot Water Heater. If you live in an area with hard water, extra amounts of sediments could be building up in your tank. Fall is the perfect time to drain and make sure rust is not developing in your tank as well. Read more
  • Clean & Store Outdoor Furniture. Summer is over which means it’s time to wash outdoor furniture and cushions. Once dry, store cushions in a dry area to prevent cracking and fading over the fall and winter months. Read more
  • Check Out Your Chimney. Have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected before using your fireplace. It’s important to remove built up soot, nests, and other materials that could present a fire hazard. Read more
  • Check for Gaps. To test for gaps, insert a dollar bill in the gaps around your windows and doors. If the dollar bill goes in, then you know your money is going out the window due to energy loss. Read more

Go Green with These Energy Saving Tips

  • Turn Down Your Thermostat. Heating accounts for approximately 70% of a home’s energy bill. The simple act of turning down your thermostat at night or while you are gone during the day will go a long way to reducing your energy bills. Read more
  • Save On Your Water Bill. Using less water and on the cold water setting will still clean your clothes as well as using warm or hot water, and you’ll save money by not heating water to wash clothes. Read more
  • Compost in the Fall. Compost is a rich, organic soil conditioner for your lawn and garden. Put raked leaves and other yard wastes in a compost bin and keep these materials out of landfills. Read more
  • Buy Recyclable Fall Items. When stocking up on cold-weather gear, buy recycled-content items such as fleece clothing and blankets made from recycled soda bottles and snow shovels made from recycled plastic. Read more
  • Go Green in the Garage. Empty out unused fuel from any gas-powered equipment stored in the garage, such as a lawnmower, because sediment can build up and clog the fuel lines. Read more

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