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Ever wonder where the best places are to live for young people?

Posted by kim carpenter on May 19, 2014
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Look no further than our backyard…..

#22 Fishers in Indiana




Fishers is a suburb of Indianapolis that is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the U.S. It’s close to a shopping center and a reservoir where people fish and water-ski.

14% of its population is aged 25 to 34, and it has a median rent of $763. The average income is $28,664.

With college graduations occurring now,  U.S. college graduates will be migrating to the nation’s biggest cities to try to find jobs and apartments and to start life on their own.

 Niche Ink, a website dedicated to education analysis, put together a list of the best metro areas for millennials. They ranked the metro areas in the U.S. using a dozen factors, including data from the U.S. Census, FBI crime rates, and Niche Ink user opinions on the best places for life after graduation. They then calculated the best neighborhood for young people in each of those cities.

Keep reading to see the top 25 cities and neighborhoods in the U.S. for millennials.

Business Insider

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