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Deal Sweeteners Woo Potential Buyers

Posted by kim carpenter on December 4, 2008
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What does it take to sell a house these days? While the right price is key, attractive bonuses can get potential buyers to at least take a look.

I have a seller who is offering a weeks stay at a condo he owns in Florida to both the buyer and 1 week’s stay plus 2 round trip airline tickets to the buyer’s agent who sells the property! ( Check out my listing at 8109 Farmhurst Lane under Lawrence Township Listings).  If this gets a buyer in the door then I say go for it!!
A Porsche comes with the house in Austin, Texas, while a seller in Phoenix is offering to install a pool, a patio and a professional grill to anyone who pays full price.

Purchasers of Tim Newton’s home in La Habra, Calif., get professional lawn maintenance for six months, furnishings of their choice, and a flat-screen TV.

Real-estate development company ORE International in New York City is offering buyers 10 personal-training sessions, a $500 American Express gift card, and a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast.

Shea Homes is offering to install solar panels in homes it is building in Arizona, Florida, California, and Washington, which lowers ongoing utility payments. Company President Rick Andreen says that solar panels cut a household’s electric bill by 60 percent. “We have seen a greater sensitivity to monthly payments,” he says. “A big concession like a $20,000 discount is less impressive than these sorts of incentives.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Diana Ransom (12/02/2008)

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