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Creative Holiday Décor for Your Front Door

Posted by kim carpenter on December 19, 2014
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Every December, we reach up into the cobwebs of our attic or basement and pull out a tub of Christmas decorations. Some are sentimental, with memories attached and remembered with each year. Others, let’s admit it – they’re just old. The wreaths we put on the front door get crumpled and faded, losing their original luster. Well – get ready! Here are a few creative ways to replace that dusty old wreath and add some holiday cheer to your front door.


Pinecone Cluster

Take a page from this HGTV idea by adding a cluster of pinecones to your front door, tied together and hung with a thick Christmas ribbon. This idea is rustic, warm and inexpensive!


Modern Reclaimed Wood Wreath

This idea takes pieces of scrap wood and hot glues them on to a wire wreath frame for an upcycled, modern wreath that can weather the elements with ease.


Yarn Wreath

This yarn wreath would be the perfect craft to work on by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Simply wrap yarn around a foam wreath core and add any embellishments, like a bow or ribbon with a hot glue gun.


Pom Pom Wreath

This adorable concept is a little more time consuming, but it yields a great result! Make small pom poms out of yarn and attach them to a foam core covered in felt or a straw wreath covered in felt for a colorful pop of Christmas cheer!


Check out more ideas for creating unique wreaths from all sorts of different materials at Apartment Therapy.

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