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Carpet cleaning tips/Win free carpet cleaning

Posted by kim carpenter on October 7, 2010
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Carpets add warmth and comfort to our feet, but we often subject them to a lot of abuse. Although the abuse is unintentional, including daily traffic, snacking, pets, kids and the occasional oops add up to dirty carpets. You may not notice the gradual build-up of dirt unless you see a spot, but it’s definitely there!

The best way to keep your carpets clean is to practice prevention. Have entry mats outside and inside your doors to wipe your shoes on. Or better yet, do not wear your shoes in the house at all. Take time to vacuum weekly, or more, especially if you have pets or children. Vacuum in all directions to lift up as much dirt as possible. About 80% of all soils that enter a home are dry and can be easily removed by vacuuming. This routine cleaning is also necessary to remove allergens and dust mites living in your carpet. Steam clean your carpets or have a professional do it at least every six months to a year.

So what happens if a spill occurs? Act quickly. The faster you try to treat the stain, the easier it may be to clean.

Liquid stains: You should blot (not rub) them with a clean white cloth or plain white paper towel. Once you have removed the liquid, rinse the spot with water and then blot again.

Semi-solid spills: Like pudding and peanut butter, scrape and gently lift off the carpet, then rinse with water and blot dry.

Dried solids: Break up the substance and vacuum. Then rinse with water and blot dry.

Just using water will help most spills, but if water isn’t doing the trick, try using one over-the-counter cleaner on a spot.  If the stain does not come out, then it is best to call a professional carpet cleaner.  Many people try several cleaners trying to remove that spot, from dish detergent to vinegar to a variety of over-the-counter cleaners.  Using a variety of products on one spot leads to setting the stain 75% of the time.  Another helpful hint is having a one gallon shop vac handy.  This allows you to use plenty of water to flush out the spot and remove the excess water.  It also keeps you from having to touch whatever caused the stain, which in many cases are bodily or pet fluids.

Having a clean carpet is more than just for looks as it can also prolong the life of your carpet. If you have purchased and installed carpet recently, then you already realize the expense involved in doing so.  Clean carpets will help keep your house odor free and can add value to your home

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