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Are your Super Bowl Party preparations underway?

Posted by kim carpenter on January 30, 2009
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Whether you are a football fan or not, everybody likes to watch the Super Bowl!!  It is always exciting to see what the advertising companies come up with for the ads, this year you need 3-D glasses to watch some of them!  And then there is the half-time show, who knows what surprises will come out of this years show!

Then you have the football fanatics!  My best friend is a die-hard Steelers fan!  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she loves her Steelers.  On any given Sunday, you can find her decked out in her Steelers wear, down to her Steeler Crocs, either at the Nickel Plate in Fishers along with the many other Steeler fans or glued to her own TV.  This weekend, she and her family are traveling to Pittsburgh to join her large family in cheering on her beloved Steelers!!  I guess I will have to cheer for them too or she may not speak to me and I don’t want to loose her friendship! 🙂

Some of you are Arizona Cardinal fans and I am fine with that too!  But whether you are a Steelers fan or a Cardinals fan, much preparation goes into your big party, from the TV to the food, nothing is left unturned.  Maybe you wanted to host a party but feel your home is just not ready for the big game!  Maybe you need to finish that theater room or paint that room to match your teams colors or maybe even buy a new home?

I have attached some of my favorite appetizer recipes(Buffalo Chicken Dip, Rueben appetizers & Mediterranan pinwheels, if you need ideas.  They are always a big hit!


Whatever you choose to do on the big day, I hope you enjoy and your team wins!!!

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