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Are you protected if your basement floods?

Posted by kim carpenter on June 3, 2019
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Are you protected if your basement floods?

Backed up sewers can cause thousands of dollars in damage to floors, walls, furniture, and electrical systems. Nothing is worse than a flooded basement! If this happens to your home or business, will your insurance cover the damage?

Many people assume sewage backup or sump pump overflow is covered by their homeowners or business insurance policies. This is not true! Standard policies don’t cover the damage. If it is on the policy, the coverage is usually minimal.

The good news is that water and sewer backup coverage can be purchased under your homeowner’s or commercial property policy, and it’s very affordable. We recommend that all property owners have this coverage even if you have an unfinished basement or lower level. Water that backs up from a sewer or drain can create a clean-up nightmare and can damage appliances like electrical circuitry, furnaces, and water heaters, as well as personal belongings stored in your lower level.

The cost of sewer backup coverage is affordable. The DeRoss Insurance Agency can provide you with more information about coverage costs, limits, and deductibles. Contact us at 317-219-3100 or to learn more about this coverage and all the affordable ways we can help you to protect your home, business, and personal property.


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