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Are you feeling financial stress?

Posted by kim carpenter on August 18, 2008
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We are all feeling the pinch, whether at the gas pump or just making ends meet.  The following has some tips for handling that stress that can affect your health as well!

Don’t let money woes get the best of you

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky offers tips to combat financial anxiety

You’re stressed. How do I know? Because my mailbox is overflowing with e-mail from people who are overwhelmed. For some, it’s the combination of high gas prices and a 40-minute drive to work. Others have had their hours — and their paychecks — cut back. Countless others are sick of seeing higher prices whenever they walk into a grocery store. People all over the country are being hammered by this economy, and it’s taking a toll on not just our wallets, but on our health.


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