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Aging in Place

Posted by kim carpenter on July 18, 2014
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It’s something many people only dream about; imagine you’ve  just moved into your perfect home. It’s the home where you envision living until retirement and beyond. At this point, you may want to start preparing for the future of your home by using “aging in place” design. Aging in place refers to home improvements that remove barriers which could keep you from living independently should you ever be faced with disabilities or limited mobility. This way, your home actually grows up alongside you, so you can be prepared for any needs that may arise in the future.


When planning aging in place home design, durability and easy maintenance should be your top priority. You’ll want to invest in products and building materials that do not require a great deal of diligent upkeep. Additionally, safety and convenience are also key tools to consider. Keep mobility and physical demands in mind when you are envisioning the future of a space.


A few aging in place ideas include:

  • Stain-proof carpeting that will repel messes
  • A higher toilet complete with mounted grab bars
  • Safety features on the shower
  • A walk-in bathtub
  • A no-threshold shower that sits at floor-level, allowing for roll-in access
  • Floor-drains to reduce spillage
  • Specialty drawer pulls
  • Easy-to-reach cabinetry and appliances

Whether you are settling in to your home for the long-term, or have a move planned in the future, investing in aging-in-place additions is a great way to maintain the value of your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the National Association of Builders’ homepage and check out a few of the recent articles on aging in place:

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